I love our clinic manager Liss. She keeps me organised in my chaos, reminding me today my blog was due. The subject? “What I am passionate about”.  I have an unquenchable thirst for teaching and mentoring Chinese medicine practitioners and Acupuncturists as well as treating my fertility patients. I often say if I won a million dollars nothing would change for me, I would still come to work to treat and still be teaching. I am lucky enough to have found my life purpose.

Those who know me well, know that at any given time I have a new project on, either a new book, a new seminar teaching acupuncturist, a new online fertility program and my latest adventure the IICMC!

The International Integrative Chinese Medicine Conference (IICMC), yes it’s a mouthful, came about when Clare Pyers and I decided to join our superpowers. Why? To create something that inspires unity, support, collaboration and sharing knowledge in our profession. I am buzzing with excitement at running the world’s most innovative conference where experts from around the world will be sharing their expertise on fertility to Australian acupuncturists.

None of this is possible without my awesome reception crew support, the very talented Acupuncturists that work at Mornington Chinese Medicine that inspire me to keep striving forward and my partner Shane who supports me doing a million things at once.

Kirsten’s passion for natural fertility and the fertile life program can be seen every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at Mornington Chinese Medicine (138 Tanti Avenue Mornington)

Fertility consultations are by appointment only. For bookings please call the clinic on 59736886

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