Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Registered Acupuncturist

Tempe SimmonsRegistered acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner, BHSc (Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine)


Dr Tempe Simmons is a registered acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner with over eight years practical experience. She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Chinese medicine in 2006, and continues to attend conferences to remain well versed in the latest patient care. Dr Simmons prides herself on prioritising the health and well-being of her clients before anything else.


After working predominantly with females, she found that most of her client base had sought out Chinese medicine to naturally help them conceive, or to help make pregnancy more manageable. Both treatments can be emotionally and physically draining on patients, and it’s important to work with someone the patient trusts. Having become a mother herself, Dr Simmons understands how consuming pregnancy, or becoming pregnant, can become and puts her patient’s needs at the centre of her consultations, always striving towards a positive outcome.


Chinese medicine was something she was exposed to from an early age, and it was standard in their household to seek Chinese medicine as a first response to illness. In high school, after suffering from glandular fever and subsequent digestive issues, Chinese medicine was the only thing that brought her back to a normal state of health. This is where her interest in Chinese medicine really began. “I was always asking, what does that mean and why are you putting that point in?” From then on Tempe knew that this was what she was meant to do. She was one in two from her class at university to have come straight out of high school, as most of the students were mature age, finding Chinese medicine later in life as a second career. While this has brought its challenges, now at the age of 32 she has already been practicing for almost ten years, with many more years ahead of her.

While her passion is predominantly fertility and woman’s health, Dr Simmons is practiced in all areas of Chinese medicine and her services are available to treat a range of conditions from pain management, immune and adrenal disorders to autoimmune and emotional support. She continues to work with males and females, supporting a natural path to improved health.

In terms of style of practice, Tempe works from a traditional Chinese medicine base while practising primarily in the Japanese kiiko matsamoto acupuncture style. “I remember discovering kiiko* acupuncture & having that light bulb moment of ‘this is what I always imagined acupuncture to be, this is how I’m meant to treat.’ 
“It’s easy to take your health for granted, but when something’s wrong it affects every aspect of your life. People often come to see me when they’ve reached their breaking point and they’re both emotionally and physically exhausted. My patients receive as much support as they do treatment – because it’s nice to know someone is on your side. ”
*kiiko is a Japanese technique with palpation & pressure feedback being central to diagnosis & treatment.